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In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended that you keep your search criteria as generic as possible.

The Radio buttons underneath the "Search" column determine which criteria you use: Owners Name, Tax Map No., or Street Address. Only one method may be selected.

Below are some tips for each method to assist you in finding the desired records.

By Name:
Name searches are last name first. Searches restricted to last name only tend to yield better results.

Keep in mind that the names listed are the property owners and not necessarily the current residents.
By Tax Map Number:
Tax Map Numbers are laid out differently in every locality. It is important to know which map number segments you want to search by such as "Map", "Insert", "DblCircle", "Block", or "Lot". If you are unfamiliar with these segments, first try searching by just the Map number or Map Number and Insert.

If you are still having trouble, contact your commissioner´s or assessor´s office for a detailed explanation of the map layout in your locality.
By Address:
Address searches are based on the availability of the Physical Location Address, namely 911 addresses. As a result, any given property may or may not have an address listed, depending on the data available from the Commissioners office.

When searching by address, the Street Name takes precedence. Street Names should be entered without the type specified. Directional Suffixes should also be removed. For example, to find:

"1033 Maple Ave SW"

"1033" in the House# field and
"Maple" in the Street Name Only field.

To find all of the available addresses on a particular street, leave the House# field blank.

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